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Socio-Environmental Responsability

At RRID, all stages of the production process consider society and the environment. This means that our responsibility to those who contribute directly and indirectly to our market presence is just as important as delivering high quality products to our customers. From encouraging sustainable development projects through local community actions, to the implementation of emissions reduction programs at factories, there are many good examples of our attention to social and environmental responsibility.



"The organization permanently seeks the stability of processes and products, through performance indicators, which guide our path and give us direction for the enhancement of our processes of continuous improvement, quality, safety, support, environmental responsibility, social responsibility, productivity and costs , in this regard is the strategy of the organization to maintain and ensure fulfillment of the following guidelines":
• Promote continuous improvement in production and quality processes, using performance indicators;
• Reduce risks in carrying out operations with actions focused on preventing accidents, aiming at preserving the health and physical integrity of our employees;
• Satisfy our customers, as well as our customers' customers;
• Meet applicable legislation and other relevant requirements;
• Manage environmental aspects and impacts and reduce waste generated, aiming to protect the environment;
• Promote social actions that strengthen our relationship with the community and stakeholders;
• Manage and reduce process waste, in order to guarantee the company's economic and financial result.

"Quality, ethics and sustainable development, CCRR commitments".

Rev. 01 - 22/05/2020