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RFID solutions can be customized and applied to a wide variety of market sectors, such as logistics, property, textiles/fashion, events, libraries, and others.
See some of the possible applications of this hi-tech solution below:

  1. Fast and simultaneous reading without visual contact or human interaction.
  2. Individual control of products.
  3. Goods handling management within and outside the company.
  4. High precision in management of the entire logistics chain.
  5. Higher control of breaks and ruptures.
  6. Maximum efficiency in production planning and control.
  7. Automated demand forecasting.
  8. Agile appointment and conference processes.
  9. Stock reduction and more efficient inventory control.
  10. Reliable, fast, accurate statistical data.
  11. Accurate traceability and authenticity in product location management.
  12. Complaints reduction due to product picking and shipment errors.
  13. Decreased reverse logistics.
  14. Control of product life cycle.
  15. Shopper experience with added CRM value.