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Goods Movement

The issue of optimizing product movement is crucial to the success of any company. RFID technology is the best tool for the properly managing the movement of goods within the company or distribution center, as well as for monitoring and security when sending to points of sales and customers (internal and external logistics). Other benefits include more efficient control of inventory and receiving and shipping processes for the services and products.


• Products are tagged during manufacture.
• Reading and/or checking can be conducted at various stages of the production, shipping, or rotating stock processes.
• When leaving the plant, with the box already sealed, the goods can be checked with a portal or handheld reader.
• The customer and/or store can check the goods upon receipt.



• Rapid and simultaneous reading when leaving the plant, without visual contact or human interaction;
• Maximum efficiency in production planning and control;
• Greater precision in management of the entire logistics chain;
• Agile and fast distribution;
• Demand forecasting;
• Fast access to information;
• Guaranteed traceability of unique identity;
• Fewer intermediary processes, streamlining the manufacturing stages;
• Reduced goods storage.