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Solution to aid and simplify stock control in general, including equity control. Another major benefit of this product is the ease and reliability of the assets valuation process and the mergers and acquisitions processes.

• A physical and logical inventory data collection is conducted and all items are tagged.
• With a manual reader it is possible to read in seconds, rather than taking hours or days to complete.


• Higher speed in future inventory.
Higher number of inventories with lower costs, time and labor;
Easier registration and exclusion of new assets;
Fast transfer of assets between departments or plants;
•  No need for specialist labor;
Easy to audit assets in unauthorized locations;
• Errors or reading-failures are avoided because serialization prevents having two identical or cloned tags;
Standardization of the company for future external audits;
• Drastic reduction of time spent counting;
• More accurate stock and equity;
• Remote reading;
• Does not require visual contact;
• Improvement of controls.