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RFID is a secure, fast, high-quality solution that makes processes more efficient and reliable, saving time at every step and ensuring gains across a range of processes. It also increases productivity on the factory floor and in sales, with significantly reduced operating costs in logistics, inventory, transactions, and retail fraud.

RFID is a radio frequency identification technology. It is a solution that improves and optimizes processes by reading smart tags applied to products, equipment, or packaging via an electromagnetic induction field, enabling wireless communication between tags and systems. This technology allows a large quantity of products, equipment, and packing to be identified within a few seconds, almost at the same time, with simultaneous reading and unique "IDs".


The key component in RFID is the tag, also known as a smart label. It is composed of a chip that stores data and an antenna that captures and transmits this data to a reader connected to the central system, to be processed and transformed into highly accurate information.


1. Several items such as labels, boxes, pallets, and people;
2. Air medium. Antenna. Reader;
3. Middleware;
4. Customer management systems;
5. Tablet showing a dashboard.